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Nominations are currently being accepted for Exceptional Faculty Awards

Nominations are due by 3 p.m. May 3, 2018. For more information, please call 360-623-8942.
Download a Printable Nomination Packet

Exceptional Faculty Award Criteria

The Exceptional Faculty Award may be made to persons holding faculty assignments as defined by RCW 28B.52.020, which states that "academic employee" means any teacher, counselor, librarian, or department head, who is employed by any community college district, whether full or part time, with the exception of the chief administrative officer of, and any administrator in, each community college district.

To be eligible for the award, the individual considered must have completed the equivalent of three years of full-time experience as a faculty member at Centralia College. Faculty at all sites can nominate another faculty member and/or be an award recipient.

A faculty member who has been a recipient of the Exceptional Faculty Award shall not be eligible to receive another award for a period of five years.

The following criteria and guidelines shall be considered for the selection of the recipient:

Excellence in primary assignment
  • Innovation and currency in pedagogy and content of the field
  • Creation of the environment that motivates students in learning, critical thinking, and creative discourse
Service to students
  • Exemplary mentoring and special assistance to students
  • Outstanding service to students through advising, assistance to clubs, etc.
Service to profession
  • Praiseworthy, scholarly, academic, or technical contributions to one’s field
  • Leadership in, and extensive service to, professional organizations in one’s field
  • Recognition by professional peers
Professional contributions to college and community
  • Outstanding service to the college community beyond his/her contractual duties
  • Innovative college leadership and participation in programs, groups and activities
  • Exceptional service to community in areas related to college mission
The process whereby the recipient(s) will be selected shall include:
  • During each winter quarter the Centralia College Foundation will distribute an announcement about the program, including application/nomination forms.
  • Any member of the college community may nominate a faculty member for the award. Faculty members may not nominate themselves.
  • Centralia College Foundation staff will review nominations and confer with Human Resources to determine eligibility. Nominated faculty will be asked to complete a supplementary information form and all materials must be submitted to the foundation.
  • The Exceptional Faculty Award committee will review applications and make recommendations to the college president for the award(s) by April 16th.
  • The college president will approve the recommendation by the May Board of Trustee meeting and the recipients will be notified within a week.
The Exceptional Faculty committee shall be composed of:
  • three (3) community members of the Centralia College Foundation Board of Directors,
  • the facultymember who received the prior year’s Exceptional Faculty Award (if the faculty recipients from the previous year are not available to serve on the committee, the Federation will appoint a replacement), and
  • one (1) management representative.

The proceeds from the Endowment fund are to be used to pay expenses for faculty awards, which may include in-service training, temporary substitute or replacement costs directly associated with faculty development programs, conferences, travel, publication, and dissemination of exemplary projects; to make a one-time supplement to the salary of the holder or holders of the faculty award for the duration of the award; or to pay expenses associated with the holder's program area.

Funds from this program shall not be used to supplant existing faculty development funds.

The 2016/17 Exceptional Faculty Awards shall be $2,000 each.