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About Our Photo Galleries

The Centralia College Foundation's photo galleries are from Foundation events and those we support. Check back often to see when new galleries are added.

2018 Photo Albums

2018 Scholarship Night
2018 Bachelor of Applied Science Scholarship Night
2018 Gala

2016-2017 Photo Albums

2016 Scholarship Night
2016 CCF Gala

2015-2016 Photo Albums

2015 Annual Kick-off
2015 Hall of Fame
2015 Scholarship Night
2015 Annual Kick-off

2014-2015 Photo Albums

2014 Annual Kick-off
2014 Annual Kickoff
2014 Annual Kick-off
2014 Scholarship Night
2014 Scholarship Night

2013-2014 Photo Albums

Presidents Class Act
Class Act, a Legacy of Service
sports hall of fame
2014 Sports Hall of Fame
2013 Annual Kick-off
2013 Annual Kick-off
2013 Scholarship Night
2013 A Fiddler on the Roof
Watterson Court Dedication

2012-2013 Photo Albums

Class of 1953 Reunion/Tour
2013 Spring Celebration
Smith Gym Dedication
2013 Foundation Night at Oly Club
2012 Home for the Holidays
2012 Deck the Halls
2012 Annual Kickoff
2012 Scholarship Night
2012 A Fiddler on the Roof

2011-2012 Photo Albums

2012 Wine Tasting at Garlic Festival
Kiser Natural Outdoor Learning Lab Dedication
George Gablehouse Recognition
2012 Sports Hall of Fame
2011 Annual Campaign Kick-Off
2011 Scholarship Night

2010-2011 Photo Albums

Katharine Kemp portrait hanging reception
Margaret Teitzel Memorial Garden dedication
2010 Annual Campaign Kick-Off
2010 Scholarship Night
2011 Sports Hall of Fame

2009-2010 Photo Albums

2010 Sports Hall of Fame
Charlie Albright Piano
Capital Projects-Capital Campaign
2009 Annual Campaign Kick-Off
2009 Scholarship Night