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Centralia College Foundation

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Foundation scholarships are available to assist you in following your educational and personal goals. There are five categories of Foundation scholarships:
  • Merit-based
  • Need-based
  • Program-based
  • Displaced homemaker
  • Veteran/dependent

2017 Scholarship Awards

The foundation awarded more than $520,000 in scholarships to 319 students for 2017-18 academic year.

How scholarships are awarded

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, financial need, program of study, or a combination of the above. Some scholarships are designated for displaced homemakers. Many scholarships have additional requirements. Scholarships are provided to the Foundation by individuals and corporations who specify the award criteria. The selection process is managed by the Foundation. Some scholarships are awarded to continuing students and others are specifically designed for incoming students.

How scholarships are paid

Foundation scholarships are applied to your student account in September and payable in thirds by quarter. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition at Centralia College. Even if your tuition is covered by another source, Foundation scholarships may not be used for living expenses. Normally, the college must confirm that you are registered for at least 12 credits before payment will be made. If you know that you will be enrolled less than 12 credit hours, you will need to contact the Foundation Office to make sure you are still eligible to receive your scholarship, as most scholarships require full-time status.

How to apply for scholarships

To apply for Foundation scholarships, you must complete the online Scholarship Application and provide supporting documents, including a personal essay, letters of recommendation (optional), and your college and/or high school transcripts. The Scholarship Application and information on how to apply is available from the Centralia College Scholarships Web page. The online Scholarship Application will be available December 1st of each year with a deadline for submission of March 1.

Notification to scholarship applicants and recipients

Letters of notification are sent to all applicants whether or not they receive a scholarship. All applicants should receive a letter of notification around April 15 of the year they are applying. Once you receive your letter, you will have 15 days to notify the Foundation if you will accept the scholarship. If a student decides not to accept a scholarship, it will be awarded to the next qualified student applicant. To qualify for the scholarship, all recipients are expected to write a personal thank you note to their scholarship donor and attend Scholarship Night, where they will personally meet their donors.